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Equipment | Team News
- Mar 27, 2024

What’s new to our Hawke’s Bay Hire Yards?

New equipment available to hire at Allways Hire's Hawke's Bay Hire Yards

We’ve built a reputation for machines you can rely on: available when you need them. How do we do it? By continuously investing in new machines so we can be sure we have what you need.

There are 3 ways we add to and regularly improve our fleet:

  1. Out with the (not yet) old:
    We don’t let our machines get old, because we know that age brings with it problems that can affect the reliability of our machines. We keep our fleet young by retiring machines early and buying new replacements so you can always enjoy the best.
  2. Adding depth to the fleet:
    Popular machines are always in demand. We increase the number of machines we have available so you can rely on being able to get a hire when you need it.
  3. New additions:
    If we spot a gap in the fleet where a new machine could help you get the job done better; we do something about it. That might mean new models of a machine type we already offer or it could mean starting a new machine range. Sometimes the team in Master Equipment even creates something new for us.

If you need a piece of equipment for your next job – or you’ve got a job lined up and you’re not sure what equipment might be available to help with it – why not get in touch with our team? We’re experts in what our equipment does and how it can be used.

We’re here to help you choose the best hire for the task at hand.

Contact us today.

New construction and roading equipment, available to hire in Hawke’s Bay

Here are the latest new additions to the Allways Hire yards in Napier and Hastings.

1. Rent a grapple attachment

We’ve grown the number of grapples we have available to hire so they’re there if you need one.

A grapple is a handy hire to go with your 5.5T excavator hire or fit to your own 5.5T excavator. Great for moving logs or fence poles. Check out what they can do and the range available here.

A grapple attachment being used to move large tree limbs.

2. Hire a rock breaker

Rock breakers can be used to smash large rocks into smaller pieces so they can be moved easily.

We now have a bigger range of rock breakers available. Now available for diggers from 1.7T to 14T in size.

A rock breaker is the attachment to hire if you need to smash rock or concrete and you want to save time by using the power of a digger to do it. Take a look at the rock breakers we have available to hire from either our Napier or Hastings branches.

3. Rent a thumb bucket

We now have a bigger range of thumb bucket attachments available to hire, to suit diggers from 1.7T to 14T in size.

This is effectively a digging bucket with a hydraulic thumb, making it a great tool for moving materials while holding them in place. Take a closer look at our rock grab/thumb buckets for hire here.

Thumb buckets are handy for clearing up as they can easily grab materials and hold onto them with the hydraulic thumb.

4. Rent a 1.7T Yanmar Digger

We’ve increased the number of 1.7T Diggers we have available to hire.

Our 1.7T Diggers have been a popular hire since we first added them to the fleet. Small but powerful they adapt well to tight and narrow work spaces where extra power is needed. The new models are fitted with an Attach 2 tilt hitch. Find out what the mini diggers can get up to here.

Small diggers are narrow enough to give you access to the power of a digger in a confined space.

5. Now available to hire: Husqvarna Concrete Floor Saw

New addition to our hire fleet in Napier and Hastings – ask us for a demo today.

The Husqvarna FS309 Concrete Floor Saw is a great walk-behind tool to use if you have concrete, tarseal or asphalt to cut. Perfect for cutting into existing concrete for repair jobs. Take a closer look at what it can do here.

6. Now available to rent: Master Hydro Seeder

New addition to our hire fleet in both Napier and Hastings – ask us for a demo today.

The clever team at Master Equipment have been at it again. The Master Hydro Seeder Trailer 2000L combines the smart technology of the 2000L Master Water Cart with a seeding function that’s perfect for widespread coverage of land, particularly in harder to reach areas. The perfect tool to deal with erosion issues or sow seeds en masse after building or roading work – find out what the Master Hydro Seeder Trailer 2000L can do here.

The Master Hydro Seeder makes light work of sowing seed across large areas of ground.

7. Hire a weed bucket attachment now.

Weed buckets are the right attachment if you have ditches or streams to clear.

More weed bucket attachments are available to hire, now for 5T, 10T and 13-14T Diggers

If you’re clearing ditches or dredging streams, the weed bucket is a great attachment to hire for your digger. With strategically placed gaps in the bucket that keep the weeds in and let the water out, this attachment makes a hard clearing job a lot easier and less messy. Take a closer look at the weed bucket attachments available to rent.

8. Now available to rent: NEW 1.6T Canycom Tracked Swivel Dumper

The 1.6T Canycom Swivel Dumper is handy in a tight space.

New addition to our hire fleet in Napier and Hastings – book a demo with our team today.

This new dumper is packed full of features that make it a great addition to our hire fleet. Available to hire from both our Hawke’s Bay branches, you can enjoy both stability and the ability to work on a slope of up to 26o with this tracked dumper. The swivel tip means you can choose where your load is dumped – and did we mention it’s great in a tight space? Take a look at all the features of this great little dumper here.

9. Now available to hire: 13.8T Komatsu PC138US-11 Excavator

The 13.8T Komatsu PC138US-11 Excavator is now available to hire from Napier or Hastings and takes a wide range of attachments.

New to our hire fleet in Napier and Hastings – book a demo with our team today.

This is a big digger that can work in a tight space and takes a wide range of attachments also available to hire. If you’re looking for power then this could be the right option for you. Why not take a closer look online and book a demo today so you can see what it can do.

More NEW additions to our hire fleet in Hawke’s Bay

These new models have recently been added to our Napier and Hastings branches. If you would like to take a closer look, book in a demo with our team or check out their product pages on our website.

NEW 1.5T, Wheeled Swivel Dumper
NEW 3T, Wheeled Swivel Dumper
6T Ausa Wheeled Swivel Dumper
9T Thwaites Wheeled Swivel Dumpers
9T Cat Wheeled Pivot Steer Loader
10T Hyundai Wheeled Pivot Steer Loader
14.5T Case Digger

Popular hires – so we’ve increased our numbers of these machines in Hastings and Napier

We’ve increased the number of these construction and roading machines in our yards so you can hire the equipment you need, when you need it.

5.5T Yanmar Diggers
10T Yanmar Diggers
65kg Mikasa Plate Compactors
1.5T Ammann Trench Rollers
6000L Master Water Cart – Skid Tank
2000L Master Water Carts – Trailer
Flexi Drive Pumps

We welcome your ideas

Do you have a piece of equipment that you think would be popular? We’re always keen to hear if there’s a machine you would like to hire that’s not in our yard. If you’ve got ideas or suggestions, you can email Jeremy Smith at Allways Hire.



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