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Master Sweeper – Tractor Mounted Road Sweeper


Master Sweeper – Tractor Mounted Road Sweeper

The Master Sweeper is designed for you, by people like you.  

We’ve made it easier to get the job done.  

The Master Sweeper doesn’t just deliver a superior sweeping performance. Every Master Sweeper is equipped with a flashing beacon and a reversing beeper ready to go onsite meeting your health and safety requirements. They are easy to transportgiving you a head start on getting your job done! You’ll quickly discover we’ve reduced the cost of running a sweeper while increasing operating comfort and reducing the environmental impact

Take a look at these key benefits:

Save money with lower brush wear. The Master Sweeper’s unique Eco Brush Saving System adjusts your brush settings to the conditions, reducing brush wear and saving you over $3000* per 300 hours of sweeping on brushes only, while still performing an effective sweeping job.
Built in dust suppression system – reduces the impact of your job on the environment. Work in enclosed spaces or around work areas including residential areas without worrying about the environmental impact. The dust suppression system reduces air-borne particles and makes it safe to keep sweeping.
Clean up easily with our multi-directional sweeping action. Save time by changing your brush direction to sweep dust away from corners or walls. The reverse brushing action can be useful in a number of situations.
The Master Sweeper is designed for your comfort. We haven’t just invested in a smart machine: we’ve invested in a comfortable machine. Get your job done in a cab that’s been designed to support you, with a fully air-conditioned cab that’s fitted with 4 air filters, easy power steering and simple lever controls. The cab provides good visibility for the operator.
*How much money could you save with a Master Sweeper?

The Master Sweeper features a unique “Eco Brush Saving System” which prevents the operator from applying excessive pressure to the brush sections. Master Sweepers regularly achieve 100 hours on one set of brush sections, while other brands average only 30 hours before having to replace them.

Save over $3000 in brush costs alone.

For every 300 hours sweeping (approx. 1 year of sweeping), you could save over $3000 by owning a Master Sweeper.

If your current sweeper is achieving on average 30 hours per brush section, this is the money you can save:

If you did 300 hours of sweeping divided into 30 hours wear per brush sets this equates to 10 replacement brushes required. At $500 for a replacement brush set this equates to $5,000.00 total cost.

The Master Sweeper only requires the brush sections to be replaced every 100 hours on average.

If you did 300 hours of sweeping divided into 100 hours wear per brush sets, this equates to 3 replacement brushes required. At $500 for a replacement brush set this equates to $1500 total cost.

This is a saving of $3,500 per 300 hours of sweeping on brush sections alone, not calculating the labour cost to replace the brushes.

The Master Sweeper is over 3 times more economical in brush wear compared to other sweepers on the market.

At Master Sweeper, we believe you deserve better equipment that is reliable, effective, and economical. We’ve designed our equipment for you based on feedback from people just like you. Experience the difference today.

Contact Jeremy Smith on 021 713 194 or Allways Hire on 06 872 6774 and hire your Master Sweeper today.


Delivery & Instructions
Safety Equipment Required
Trained Operator
Protective Eyewear
Protective Clothing
Steel Cap Boots

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Broom width
water tank size
Transport Required
Comes on its own trailer - minimum of 2500kg tow rating required
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