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- May 19, 2021


At Allways Hire we always strive on building a great partnership with our customers to help them grow their business and get their job done. We interviewed Kevin Manuel from Vinman Ld about his partnership with Allways Hire.

Kevin spends a lot of time “driving poles into the ground”. That’s because Kevin’s the owner of Vinman Ltd, a business that specialises in orchard development, vineyard development and kiwifruit development across Hawke’s Bay.

Kevin first started using Allways Hire when customers requested work that he didn’t have the equipment for.

“Clients started asking us to do jobs we didn’t have the equipment for. We started small, hiring the odd ripper here and there to where we are now: hiring a bunch of diggers.

A lot of what we do is driving posts into the ground – hard ground and soft ground. Some posts need to go 2 to 4 metres into the ground and in some areas of Hawke’s Bay that can be quite problematic. We mainly use plate compactors on Excavators but sometimes you need a little extra to drive them.”

Needing the little extra was where Allways Hire was able to help. Working in close partnership with Kevin, the team at Allways Hire was aware of how he was using the equipment and saw an opportunity to share something new.

The Fence Pro Pile Driver is a powerful force if you need to drive posts into the ground. With a 5 metre mast and a 500KG block it suits a wide range of projects. It works on 10-13 tonne Excavators and makes easy work of retaining wall posts, shelter belt posts or any other project that requires a combination of power and precision.

Allways Hire recognised that the Fence Pro Pile Driver could make a real difference to Kevin’s business – especially where he needs to drive larger poles into the ground. A quick phone call introduced Kevin to the opportunity and he was keen to give the new piece of equipment a try.

“I said ‘Absolutely’. It took a bit of getting used to – working with something that heavy that high above your head. We used it to drive big shelter belt poles – about 8 metre poles. It took a bit of getting used to but since then we’ve used it for Kiwifruit deadmen as well.”

Being able to hire the right, well serviced equipment gives businesses the chance to take the next opportunity and grow. Kevin recognises that Allways Hire have set up their business to take care of his – and that’s why he works with them again and again.

“What I get here that stands out from everyone else is great service. There’s certainly been times where you’ve not necessarily had what I needed but you end up buying it anyway. That comes back to service, quality service going out of your way to get stuff to help me out.

I’d recommend Allways Hire to anyone, just purely because of the quality equipment and the great service. I guess from me it’s more thank you than anything else. I’m a client here and in return you guys have always been good to me.  It’s sort of a relationship that we’ve developed over the years and it’s something that I would like to keep going. It helps me out a lot and it helps my cashflow as well – I don’t have to buy everything myself.”

Always Hire have built a strong reputation for providing hire-ready equipment that gives businesses the flexibility and tools they need to grow. From construction and roadworks to agriculture and utilities: great service and the right equipment makes it easier to get the job done.

You can find out more about the Fence Pro Pile Driver or book it for hire here. Or why not contact the Allways Hire team today and find out more about the right equipment for your business?

To watch the interview with Kevin Manuel in full or explore our other videos, visit the Allways Hire YouTube channel.

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