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- May 3, 2022

What you need to know about hiring tipper trucks in Hawke’s Bay


If you want to hire a tipper truck or you’re looking for tipper trucks to buy and add to your fleet, you may want to know more about what they do and the different types available. In this focus on tipper trucks we take a quick look at a couple of commonly asked questions and provide some straightforward answers.

Allways Hire can help you with your Hawke’s Bay tipper truck hire. We have a great range of Class 1 and Class 2 Tipper Trucks of various sizes available to hire. Our team are ready to help you match the right truck to the job you need to do. You can browse our range online or give us a call today 06 872 6774 and we’ll be happy to help you with your hire.

What do I need to know for tipper truck rental?

A good place to start when you’re renting or buying a tipper truck is understanding exactly what they do. Tipper trucks are used to transport loose material to and from construction and roading sites. Tippers trucks are also known as tippers or dump trucks, and usually have an open box bed that’s hinged at the rear. The tipper truck is filled with loose material and then dumps its load by lifting the front of the box bed on hydraulic rams to drop the load out of the back.

Tipper trucks are used to transport loose material to and from construction and roading sites.

How do you safely unload a tipper truck?

With big loads on the move, safety is a very important part of operating a tipper truck. That includes checking above and behind your load before you dump it, and understanding where the risks are and how to make sure you keep everyone safe. It’s also important to understand what the tipper truck you’ve hired can do, the correct way to load material evenly across the truck, and what limits the truck has to protect your safety. It is imperative to be aware if you will be unloading on uneven or sloping ground that your stability will be affected.

Every dump truck should have a trained and skilled operator who knows what they’re doing. If you need help understanding what level of skill your dump truck operator needs, our team is happy to help. Call us on 06 872 6774 and we can help you understand how you can make your tipper truck hire safe.

Ready to hire a tipper truck?

If you’re based in Hawke’s Bay and you need to hire a tipper truck for your next job, take a look at the tipper trucks we have available and book your hire. Or if you would like help understanding the right tipper truck for the type and amount of material you need to move, call our expert team today and we can help you make the right choice. Our tipper trucks are fully serviced and maintained and ready for your hire.