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- Oct 8, 2020

The Small Machine with a big part to play

The Master Sweeper may be small, but has a big part to play and it’s perfectly formed to get the job done. That’s definitely the feedback from Hayden, Workshop Manager at Regal Haulage.

Regal Haulage are big fans of the Master Sweeper. They’re a family-owned business that specialises in bulk cartage and storage in New Zealand. Predominantly based in the North Island, Regal Haulage have got a lot of parts in motion across the country on a daily basis.

“The Master Sweeper was just right for us. We started by needing a sweeper for our stores at New Plymouth. Contamination can be a risk at stores, so it’s important to be able to keep them clean and tidy at all times.

When we were looking for a sweeper, the Master Sweeper stood out for us as the right solution. We wanted something smart, that wasn’t an attachment. We don’t have the right machine to put the brush onto the front of, so a small tractor sweeper is a great solution.

Keeping the stores clean and tidy is an important part of the job and the Master Sweeper is perfect to do that. The Master Sweeper performed so well for us after the first 6 months that we decided to get a second one.”

The Master Sweeper has been designed to deliver a complete package, and that’s just one of the reasons it has been a big hit at Regal Haulage. When the team based at the depot and workshop decided to get a second machine, they found out first hand how effective it was at keeping the yard clean.

“The tractor’s easy to manoeuvre and very effective. It definitely performs best in the dry but the Dust Defeater and built in water tank are really handy for when you need to keep dust to a minimum.

Being able to use the Master Sweeper is a great way to deal with the stones and dirt that get dragged around by the trucks as they come in off the road. It falls off the tires and we just need it swept up and out of the way.

Our yard man loves to jump into the air conditioned cab and crank the music up and drive around. It makes it pretty comfortable for him to operate. He gets out and sweeps the yard twice a week and goes across the whole yard. The machine is even small enough to make it possible to get into the corners.”

The Master Sweeper isn’t just versatile, it’s cost effective too. That’s made a long-term lease of the Master Sweeper a cost-effective way to keep their yards and stores clean.

“The Master Sweeper is perfect for keeping things tidy. We’re definitely benefiting from having them on a long term lease, and the support that comes with it. The team at Allways Hire have been quick to get us parts when we need them, and Jeremy is always available if we have any questions.”

Are you battling to keep an area of your work clean? The Master Sweeper is highly manoeuvrable and easy to use in both large warehouses or yards. Do you need to control the dust in your environment? The Master Sweeper comes with a built in Dust Defeater system and 200L water tank, allowing you to clean up and keep dust to a minimum at the same time.

The Master Sweeper is a smart machine that’s been designed by the people who use it. Call Allways Hire and hire yours today by contacting Jeremy on 021 713 194.