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- Nov 25, 2021


It’s a great feeling when partnerships work. At Allways Hire the team is always working hard to make sure that the service we deliver is the service that you need. That’s definitely true for Mitchell Ewart from SWD Wastewater and Drainage. He’s been working with Allways Hire for 4 years and enjoys the benefits of the relationship. We caught up with Mitchell to find out more about what’s making him happy to work with us.

SWD Wastewater and Drainage are specialists in onsite wastewater management. They support customers across rural Hawke’s Bay with water treatment plants and water tanks. That means moving a lot of dirt, and that’s where the Allways Hire equipment comes in handy.

“We install waste water treatment plants and water tanks. I do a little bit of everything. I’m in the digger, I’m out on the tools laying drains. We mainly work in Hawke’s Bay, mainly rural and a little bit of stuff in subdivisions.”

SWD Wastewater and Drainage has its own equipment but MItchell says they hire from Allways HIre when they need a big expensive machine or if they need a piece of kit that isn’t part of their fleet. Being able to call on Allways Hire gives them the flexibility to adapt to each job no matter what’s involved.

“We needed to start hiring a little bit of machinery that we didn’t already own and we came across Allways Hire and we’ve been using them ever since. We use Allways Hire for the machinery we don’t have or if there’s too much outlay to buy our own. We mainly hire the bigger diggers for installing our treatment plants and water tanks. “

The benefit of working with Allways Hire isn’t just the availability of the right machine for the job. It’s also the convenience that comes from working with a team who are ready to support your business, and have had a good think about what’s important to you.

Allways Hire transports the hire equipment to your worksite and the young fleet deliver reliability which reduces downtime. If anything should go wrong a member of the team is always on hand to help. Mitchell says that that makes a big difference to a business like SWD Wastewater and Drainage.

“The benefits of using Allways Hire are having the machinery delivered to site. It works for us: showing up, they bring the transporter out, drop the machinery off and we can just get into the job. We like the friendly service, they deliver our machinery to site and they’re easy to deal with.

“I would definitely recommend Allways Hire. They are very helpful; they will go out of their way to do anything on the machines if there’s any issues. Very helpful and easy to deal with.”

Is your business ready to grow? Do you need access to machinery that’s not part of your fleet? Working with Allways Hire could give you the flexibility you need to take on new and different work without having to invest in new and different equipment. Contact our team today and find out more about hiring equipment from Allways Hire, or browse our range of equipment online today.