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- Nov 20, 2020

The right Hire Partner for your Business

Allways Hire is the right hire partner for many businesses across Hawke’s Bay. That’s because the equipment they hire is exactly what those companies need. Whether they’re working on a short project or a bigger job, the kit they hire from Allways Hire provides them with reliable, well maintained equipment. That’s why they come back again and again.

Drainways is an example of one of those businesses. Family-owned and founded in 1976, they’ve gone from strength to strength and are now enjoying a period of rapid growth buoyed by the growth of the Hawke’s Bay region. That means Mark Currie, Managing Director at Drainways, needs a reliable source of equipment to keep the multiple projects he’s delivering moving forward.

“The Drainways business is concentrated around civil and commercial drainage. We’ve also worked on developments – retirement developments and subdivisions where we do all of the bulk excavation for the roading as well as the drainage and then the backfill, for the curbs, the asphalt and topsoil etc.

We’re growing quite rapidly. We’re very busy and have been for the last couple of years with hardly any lulls. And it’s looking like it’s going to be more so because the Council is pushing out lots of work with assets due for replacement and extra funding available from Central Government.

Jobs that are just for 3 months or 2 weeks or 6 months there’s no point in buying a $200,000-300,000 piece of kit when you don’t know when you’ll need to use it again. That’s when we use Allways Hire. Also we use their equipment for fill ins. We’ve got our own equipment but just to fill in gaps for those one off jobs or slightly bigger jobs when it’s not worth buying the kit for them.”

The team at Drainways appreciate the service and maintenance standards of Allways Hire. They also have some pieces of Allways Hire kit that have become an essential part of their business because they do the job so well. The Master Water Carts are one such item. Water is essential in the Drainways business for suppressing dust and compacting material. The Master Water Carts are perfect for the job.

“The Water Cart is an ongoing need for us now, especially with the summer months coming up and the need to keep the dust levels down. The Master Water Carts come with their own trucks or on their own trailers. You can rock up there and grab it and drive it away. That means we don’t need to worry about using our trucks where we could be using them to cart soil or pipes on site.

The Water Carts come with different attachments. There’s a general spray nozzle on the back that operates as you drive it around the site, and there’s a button so you can turn it on and off from the cab. Then there’s a pull out hose reel on the back just for hand watering to get into the tricky little spots that you can’t drive into.

We use the Water Carts for dust suppression and also for wetting the material we bring in so that it can compact properly. You have to use moisture to get the compaction rates up. The Water Cart goes around the site and is used to water in the tracks and the paths where everybody drives and walks so the dust doesn’t rise up. Then when that’s not needed it’s onto house platforms or building platforms and roads to get the compaction up.”

Does your business need mobile access to water? Find out more about the Master Water Carts and book your hire today.

As well as the Master Water Carts, Drainways also hire a wide range of other equipment from Allways Hire. And they’re not planning on changing that anytime soon. When they hire with Allways Hire, Mark knows they will always be happy.

“We hire from Allways Hire because they always have good up-to-date equipment to hire. You know that you have a piece of kit that’s going to go to work and work for you without having any breakdowns. And the customer service is great too. They go out of their way to make sure something works and if anything stops working they send someone out very quickly.”

If your business needs access to reliable equipment, Allways Hire can help. We’ve built our range of equipment by listening to the needs of our customers. We keep our stock current and well maintained, so that you can rely on your hire to get the job done without breaking down. Our Master Equipment range features special design enhancements that we’ve added so you can get the job done faster, more efficiently, and with better results.

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