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We’re here to help your business go further. Allways Hire is always here when you need us, with machines and service you can rely on and trust.


Equipment that’s ready when you need it

The Allways Hire ‘hire ready’ promise sets us apart from everyone else. We’ve designed our business to make it easier for you to run yours. That’s why we’re focused on making sure our equipment is always there when you need to get a job done.

From delivery and collection services to a young fleet of equipment that’s been shaped to the needs of our customers. We’re constantly growing our business to reflect the evolution of yours. If we’re missing something we welcome your feedback Chances are you’re not the only one of our customers who would like something new.

“Getting things done” and “Making things happen” are 2 challenges faced by many project managers in this fast paced, ever changing world! Never before has “Efficiency” and “Safety Compliance” been so important. Whether it be meeting deadlines or completing projects that comply with the new Health and Safety legislation.

We regularly add new machines and equipment to our fleet because our focus is on having reliable machines that look the part and get the job done. We regularly sell-on machines once they’ve done their time. That means you always enjoy the benefits that come from a new machine and the latest model.

Why Allways Hire, is the right choice for you!

  • 100% locally owned family business
  • A wide a range of reliable and near new hire equipment
  • committed to providing and maintaining equipment to the highest industry standard


Allways Hire have been hiring equipment to businesses across Hawke’s Bay since our business was founded in 2007. Our passion for customer service has kept our customers coming back time and time again. Our range of equipment covers the small to medium sized construction equipment including diggers, rollers, loaders, tip trucks and tractor mid mount graders.

We’re different because we listen to our customers and we adapt to your needs. That’s how our equipment range has evolved: from our original focus on agriculture we now serve businesses across construction, utility sectors, horticulture and roading. We have purchased new diggers and equipment to put in our fleet to ensure that you will have reliable, safety compliant and efficient machines for your job.

Behind the scenes, we’re always preparing equipment for the next hire. That’s where our mantra of being ‘hire ready’ has come from. We want you to be able to arrive and leave with the equipment you need: as quickly as possible. We have a convenient location on Omahu Road, with ample off street parking and loading areas.

To help our clients get their job done by providing a range of reliable and near new hire equipment and helpful advice based on experience.

To have a complete range of modern and reliable construction and agricultural equipment available for hire backed up with industry leading personal service.

Honesty, Integrity, Care for Environment, Efficiency – High Output, Respect, Value for Money, Motivation.


Allways Hire is the home of Master Equipment. The Master Equipment New Product Development team creates innovative new equipment from an in-depth understanding of machines and how they’re used. Master Equipment simply offers a better way of doing things. That’s the Master Equipment difference.

Customers love the Master Sweeper with its “brush saver” feature, as it reduces the cost of brush section replacements. The Master Grader is compact and manoeuvrable and with its smart controls, it is easier to achieve a better grading finish on the job.
How do we innovate so well? It starts and ends with listening to our customers. If you have any ideas for innovation you would like to share with the Master Equipment team, we would love to hear from you.


When hiring a machine our standard terms and conditions apply, here are some of the key points summarised. For more indepth info, visit our FAQs page


You need to be a competent operator and you need to advise us of the intended use of the machine. This allows us to recommend the correct size or type of machine for the task on hand.


The hirer is responsible for the use and care of the machine whilst on hire. The machine is to be returned in the same condition and as clean as when it was supplied at the start. The machine is to be used in a safe manner for the intended purpose and within the machines capabilities in what it was designed for.


The hire period is from the time the machine leaves the yard and continues till the time it is returned. One days hire is up to 8 machine hours per day. Excess hours used will be calculated to match the number of days charged.


Insurance cover is required for any machine that goes out on hire. Either the hirer may provide their own insurance cover ( a copy of this is to be provided prior to the commencement of hire ) and take full responsibility for risk of damage or loss, or the hirer pays the 8% insurance premium and uses the insurance cover provided by Allways Hire.

This decision needs to be made prior to the start of the hire period, not at the return of the machine. More insurance details and what is covered under the insurance tab. All repair costs up to the insurance excess amount of $2,500 – $10,000 is payable by the hirer regardless of the circumstances.



Health and Safety is an important part of what we do. That’s why we keep it front and centre at all times. We never lose sight of the fact that we’re hiring out powerful machines and equipment that can be dangerous if incorrectly operated. We treat all of our hire equipment with the respect it deserves. That starts with our high maintenance standards and includes making sure you always have the information you need to safely operate our machinery and equipment.



Our team is experienced with machinery and equipment and willing to give you as much – or as little – support as you need. We want to make it quick and easy for you to hire and pick up our equipment. One phone call makes it easy to make a booking or you can make an enquiry online. If you’re not sure what you need, we can recommend the best equipment for the job on hand.


In case you didn’t realise it – we love what we do. Our team is always keen to hear your ideas and feedback because we’re continuously exploring ways to make our service better for you. From monthly emails and special promotions; to sweet treats and morning tea shouts. We’re always coming up with new ways to let you know you’re important to us.

Jimmy Scott - Russell Roads Case Study with Allways Hire


You want the flexibility to access the equipment you need when you need it, and give it back when you don’t. We offer your business access to a young fleet of well-maintained equipment, hired from a team who are ready to share their expertise with you if you require.

Success comes from our ability to help your business grow, together. When you’re ready to book your next hire with us, please contact our team.

what our customers say

Mitchell Ewart

SWD Wastewater and Drainage

“We needed to start hiring a little bit of machinery that we didn’t already own and we came across Allways Hire and we’ve been using them ever since. We use Allways Hire for the machinery we don’t have or if there’s too much outlay to buy our own. We mainly hire the bigger diggers for installing our treatment plants and water tanks.”

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Kevin Manuel

Vinman Ltd

“What I get here that stands out from everyone else is great service. There’s certainly been times where you’ve not necessarily had what I needed but you end up buying it anyway. That comes back to service, quality service going out of your way to get stuff to help me out.”

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Jimmy Scott

Earthworks Hawke’s Bay

“I’ve been a civil contractor for 18 years and have lots of experience dealing with hire companies. Allways Hire have given me a much more personal experience. They are very customer focused and it’s like they focus on the relationship between the medium to small sized businesses just as much as the big businesses.”

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Hayden Gare

Regal Haulage

“The Master Sweeper is perfect for keeping things tidy. We’re definitely benefiting from having them on a long term lease, and the support that comes with it. The team at Allways Hire have been quick to get us parts when we need them, and Jeremy is always available if we have any questions.”

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Mark Currie


“We hire from Allways Hire because they always have good up-to-date equipment to hire. You know that you have a piece of kit that’s going to go to work and work for you without having any breakdowns. And the customer service is great too. They go out of their way to make sure something works and if anything stops working they send someone out very quickly.”

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Our knowledgable and experienced team is ready to help you


Business Development

Jeremy's hunger for new customers makes him the perfect fit for the role of Business Development. He loves finding out the needs of potential customers, then finding a solution. He believes everyone deserves reliable, top-quality machines to help you get the job done efficiently and effectively. He’s responsible to promote the “Master Equipment” range, as well as the sales of our used equipment. Often heard before being seen, his cheerful whistle is recognised from a mile away. It never ceases to amaze people how fast things can happen with his energetic passion.


General Manager

David is a core player at Allways Hire with his role as the general manager. Essentially responsible for making big decisions. He considers both the purchases and sales of machines to maintain optimal utilization. If you know David, he’s always got a project on the go and often finds innovative solutions to problems. He loves anything creatively engineered.


Operations Manager

Simon is the Hire Manager and is fueled by his passion for customer satisfaction. Having done his time as a field service mechanic he has become the 'go to guy' for any question that pops up. Commonly known as 'Smiley', you can often hear his laugh from the other end of the yard. Ideas from his experiences and knowledge have been captured over the years and used in the development of the Master Equipment you see around country today.  


Hire Manager

Evan is the Hire Co-ordinator with practical experience and knowledge in the construction and agricultural industry. Known for his incredible ability to organise your gear to meet your needs efficiently and on time. People would agree his calm nature takes the stress out of hiring at Allways Hire.



Brianna is the administration hand at Allways Hire. Responsible for keeping things up to date and crossing off completed tasks, she also loves to help creating videos that you will see on our website. With an appreciation (AKA addiction) for coffee, chocolate, and online shopping her number one bucket list item is to tour Europe and watch the sunset from a hot air balloon in Cappadocia, Turkey. 


Marketing Team Leader

Oakley is the marketing guru and the go-to IT man at Allways Hire. His ambition is to showcase awesome machines at work and in the beautiful Hawkes Bay scenery. He is determined to make your digital experience as smooth as possible and when he is not standing behind his screen you will most likely find him shredding down the Te Mata Peak on his mountain bike. He also helps with cleaning machines and really enjoys delivering machines to the various construction sites happening in the region.


Yard Operations and Workshop Assistant

Hamish is a crucial link to a well-oiled system at Allways Hire, by servicing machines, mechanical work, and the face behind the wheel of the transporter delivering your machine. Excuse the pun but he never fails to deliver considering his experiences over the years including mechanical engineering and truck driving. With numerous globe-trotting adventures under his belt, he has even been included first-hand in a disappearing act at a magic show, this is something only a small number of people in the world know.  


Yard Operations

Jonty plays the role of “the returns guy,” his focus is keeping the machines in mint condition and ready for when you need them. Not lacking in vocals and enthusiasm, he is also keeping the average height up amongst the boys at Allways Hire. Next time you are in the yard say hello to Jonty (although he'll probably get in first with hearty 'howareyadoing?').


Yard Operations and Hire Coordinator

Hugo is the yard pro and a vital member in the pit-stop team ensuring all the machines have a quick turnaround time, so they are always fully serviced and hire ready. Having mastered the truckie wave, he is often seen waving out when transporting machines around the Bay. Out of work hours he is an outdoor enthusiast and loves to surf in the green room which is without a doubt every surfer’s ultimate dream.