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Construction Equipment

Do you need any near new and reliable construction equipment for your latest construction work? We have a wide range of construction equipment available for hire, ranging from the small handheld equipment to large excavators. Not sure what construction equipment will suit your job best? Call us today on 06 872 6774 to talk to an Allways Hire representative or email

Allways Hire Grapple
Excavator Attachments

View the range of excavator attachments, including grapples, plate compactors and more.

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Hitachi 135-5 13.5 tonne digger / excavator with blade - Equipment Hire - Allways Hire

Excavators can be used for landscaping, digging holes and trenches, lifting and moving large objects etc.

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John Deere Mid Mount Tractor Grader - Allways Hire

Graders are used in the  construction and maintenance of dirt and gravel roads, and agricultural races for creating a flat surface.

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Bertolini Water Blaster for Hire - Allways Hire
Handheld Items

Ideal for cleaning machinery, removing moss and other property maintenance jobs etc.

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Hitachi ZW80 Pivot steer loader - Equipment Hire - Allways Hire

Loaders are used in construction to move or load materials such as soil, rock,  demolition debris, etc. into tip trucks, screeners and more.

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Allways Hire Highway Ramp - Equipment Hire - Allways Hire

These ramps are designed to load and unload your excavator, loader etc. off tip trucks.

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Hamm Roller 3307HT CONSTRUCTION ROLLER - Equipment Hire - Allways Hire

Rollers are used to compact soil, gravel, concrete, or asphalt in the construction of roads and foundations of houses and buildings.

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Isuzu Tip Truck Hire from Allways Hire

Our tip trucks can be used for transporting demolition wastes, gravels, stones, concretes and other kind of loose materials from one point to another. They can also be used to tow our 1.7 mini excavators or transport our 3.5T or 5.5T excavators.

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Master Equipment

We have the following Master Equipment designed and manufactured at Allways Hire available for hire or purchase.
Call us today on 06 872 6774 to talk to a Master Equipment representative today or email

Master Grader - John Deere Mid-Mount Grader - Equipment Hire - Allways Hire
Master Grader

The Master Grader is becoming the preferred choice in tractor mid mounted graders for roading contractors.

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Master Sweeper - Allways Hire
Master Sweeper

Enjoy the comfort of this large air con cab away from the dust when you need to efficiently sweep roads or yards!

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Master Excavator Trailer - Equipment Hire - Allways Hire
Master Trailers

The Master Trailers are specially built for transporting our small excavators or our Master Sweepers. (Available for hire with our 1.7 Tonne excavators or our Master Sweepers only.)

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Master 1000L Water Blaster on trailer - Equipment Hire - Allways Hire
Master Water Trailers - 1000L & 2000L

The Master water trailer features dust suppression water pumps and water blaster pumps for cleaning and drain clearing. The tank sizes available are 1000 and 2000L.

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6000L Skid Water Tank Equipment Hire
Master Water Skid Tanks – 4000L & 6000L

The Master Water skid tanks are portable units meaning they are not fixed to one particular vehicle, they feature a dust suppression water nozzle for keeping dust down on your metal tracks.

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Agricultural Equipment

Do you need an agriculture machine for your latest work on your farm or life-style block? Not sure what machine will suit your job best? Call us today on 06 872 6774 to talk to an Allways Hire representative or email

Single leg aertor

Use this machine to break up the hard soil pan or provide soil aeration.

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Allways Hire Seed Drill
Rotary Hoes

The rotary power harrow is a cultivation tool to be used for primary cultivation or seedbed preparation.

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Seed Drills

Use these seed drills to sow seeds into cultivated soil.

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Allways Hire Auger Spreader trailed / trailer

Use a robust fertilizer spreader for your agricultural job.

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Allways Hire Wood splitter
Wood Splitters

Tow the wood splitter to your property to split logs into firewood.

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