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Rollers & Compaction

Do you need a roller for your latest construction work? Not sure which roller will suit your job best? Call us today on 06 872 6774 to talk to an Allways Hire representative or email

Tamping rammer mikasa 64kg - Equipment Hire - Allways Hire
64kg Mikasa Tamper Trench Rammer Compactor

Mikasa Trench rammers are world leaders for balance, compaction, ease of operation and functionality.

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Weber 66kg tamper trench rammer - Allways Hire
66kg Weber Tamper Trench Rammer Compactor

Weber tampers have a significantly increased stroke and impact power, these tampers compact even faster and more efficiently, and provides maximum comfort.

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65kg Compactor Plate - Equipment Hire - Allways Hire
65kg Mikasa Plate Compactor

This Mikasa vibratory plate compactor is ideal for smaller to medium compaction jobs including driveways, garage floors, drainage, asphalt work and landscaping.

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weber cf1i plate compactor - Allways Hire
70kg Weber Single Direction Vibratory Plate Compactor

The forword travel vibratory plate CF 1i is used in landscape applications for the compaction of sand/gravel, block and asphalt pavements and no-slump concrete.

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Weber CR5E 298kg plate compactor - Allways Hire
298kg Weber Reversible plate compactor

This Weber Reversible Plate Compactor is a reliable true performer with optimum compaction, and trouble free use.

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Mikasa 330kg plate compactor - Allways Hire
330kg Mikasa Reversible Plate Compactor

Mikasas hydraulic reversible plate compactors incorporate a unique hydraulic system that eliminates old fashioned cables and linkages

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Belle 505 reversible plate compactor - Allways Hire
505kg Belle Reversible Plate Compactor

This Belle heavy duty reversible plate compactors with optimum compaction performance. Excellent for building foundations and backfill against supporting walls.

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Trench Roller Ammann - Equipment Hire - Allways Hire
1.45 Tonne Ammann Trench Roller 1575R

This machine is remote controlled for safety when the machine is operated in the trench.

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Combi Roller - Equipment Hire - Allways Hire
1.7 Tonne Ammann ARX 16K Combi Roller

The Ammann ARX 16K is a combination roller that utilises both a vibrating drum and pneumatic tyres.

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1.7T JCB CT160 Double Drum Roller available for hire from Allways Hire
1.7 Tonne JCB CT160 Double Drum Roller

The ease of use and superior operator comfort makes working this roller a pleasure. It’s primarily used for small-scale compaction work such as pavements, cycle paths, driveways, house foundations, small roads and small parking areas.

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4 Tonne Dynapac CC1300 Combi Roller for Hire - Allways Hire
4.0 Tonne Dynapac CC1300 Combi Roller

This 4 Tonne Dynapac Combi Roller will assist you with your compaction requirements. A combi roller provides varied weight through ballasting, and a kneading action which results in great density, fewer voids and a well sealed finish.

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JCB 4T Double Drum Roller for hire - Allways Hire, Hastings
4.0 Tonne JCB VMT380 Double Drum Roller

This JCB Double Drum Roller is designed to offer high productivity and reliability with maximum operating economy, excellent serviceability and operation safety.

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Dynapac cc1300 roller for hire - construction equipment- Allways Hire
4.0 Tonne Dynapac CC1300 Double Drum Roller

This Dynapac Double Drum Roller will assist with all your compaction requirements. This machine features a high clearance of the working edge for compacting close to curbs, with excellent visibility.

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Ammann arx 45 double drum roller for hire - Allways Hire - Hastings
4.5 Tonne Ammann ARX 45 Double Drum Roller

The 4.5 Tonne Ammann ARX 45 Roller makes it easy for operators to work next to obstructions such as curbs. The drum width on this roller is 1380mm.

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Hamm Roller 3307HT CONSTRUCTION ROLLER - Equipment Hire - Allways Hire
7.0 Tonne Hamm 3307HT Construction Roller

The Hamm 3307HT Construction Roller can be used for either a smooth drum or padfoot drum.

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Ammann Sheep Foot Roller for Hire - Equipment Hire - Allways Hire
7.1 Tonne Ammann ASC70 Construction Roller

The Ammann ASC 70 construction Roller provides industry-leading compaction on small to medium jobsites. This roller can be used for either a sheeps foot drum or smooth drum.

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7.5T JCB Construction Roller for Hire - Allways Hire
7.5 Tonne JCB VM75 Construction Roller

This JCB Roller rolls quickly, powerfully and accurately, giving you complete control and maintaining unbeatable productivity levels. This roller can be used for either a sheeps foot drum or smooth drum.

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