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Construction Equipment

Do you need any near new and reliable construction equipment for your latest construction work? We have a wide range of construction equipment available for hire, ranging from the small handheld equipment to large excavators. Not sure what construction equipment will suit your job best? Call us today on 06 872 6774 to talk to an Allways Hire representative or email

Hitachi 135-5 13.5 tonne digger / excavator with blade - Equipment Hire - Allways Hire

Excavators / Diggers can be used for landscaping, digging holes and trenches, lifting and moving large objects etc.

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Allways Hire Grapple

View our range of excavator / digger attachments.

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John Deere Mid Mount Tractor Grader - Allways Hire

Use this machine for all your track maintenance on your vineyard, cattle race, driveway and more.

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Allways Hire - Equipment Hire - Allways Hire
Handheld Items

Handy water blaster, ideal for cleaning machinery, removing moss and other property maintenance jobs etc.

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Hitachi ZW80 Pivot steer loader - Equipment Hire - Allways Hire

View our range of pivot steer loaders. Loaders can be used in construction to move or load materials such as soil, rock,  demolition debris, etc. into tip trucks, screeners and more.

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Allways Hire Ramps - Equipment Hire - Allways Hire

Use for loading excavators up to 6 ton on to your truck.

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Hamm Roller 3307HT CONSTRUCTION ROLLER - Equipment Hire - Allways Hire
Rollers and Compaction

View the range of near new and reliable plate compactors and construction rollers.

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Allways Hire Izusu Tipper Truck - Equipment Hire - Allways Hire

Handy tipper or compact trucks for carting loose material or transporting up to 6T excavators.

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Master Sweeper - Allways Hire

A safe and efficient way to sweep yards and roads.

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